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You wake up in a damp cell, in the catacombs of the mysterious Waterfall Tower.

You were not the first in this predicament, and your predecessor left behind enough clues that you might make it out tonight.


“Even after finishing the game, one still finds themselves thinking about the hallways and rooms of that place, almost as if they had actually been there.”

“Solid storytelling, clever puzzles, and exceptional ambiance—this is how Waterfall Prisoner presents itself.”

“A basic and straightforward storyline for a setup that initially seems quite simple, yet beneath the surface, it holds more than a few surprises.”

“Every time I encounter adventures like the one Albert has developed, I am reminded of why escape rooms captivated me so much.”


 A game by...


Game Design, Programming, Story, 2D Artwork

I am a solo developer who has created several mini games. In 2021, I committed to long-term videogame development. After some test projects, the most interesting choice was a first person puzzle game with classic graphic adventures mechanics.

Moreover, I included a few partners in the project to expand the team and thus develop a better quality video game. So I set up an unofficial studio for the creation of Waterfall Prisoner.
If you want to know more about me, click here.

  HÉCTOR ARIZA - ArtStation porfolio

Additional 3D Artwork, Game Design


Additional Music, SFX, Game Design

If you have helped at any time or have provided feedback about the project, you are more than likely to appear in the credits of the game!


  • Starting the project!
  • First beta finished
  • Second beta finished
  • Steam Page
  • Third beta finished
  • Steam Next Fest!
  • Waterfall Prisoner is Out Now!
    I am pleased to announce that the game is now available on Steam!

    Thank you for accompanying me during development!

    Now it's your turn to play!



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