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(in development...)

Are you tired of RPG for mobile phones with unnatural controls? Explore dungeons and fight monsters through the use of cards in a mobile-friendly interface!

My latest and most ambitious project, started in 2018.

Development included a beta release for the purpose of gathering feedback, which is being incorporated into later releases. Currently expecting to publish a newer version this year, with fixes and added features.

My tasks:
  • Core development and programming.
  • Level design.
  • Sprites and 2d assets (i.e.: characters, cards, backgrounds, etc.).
  • Project created in collaboration with external contributors: 3D designer, composer/audio designer.

︎Developed with Unity3D

Futuristic Prison eScape

Escape from your prison, destroy the guard robots and solve some puzzles.

This time I and tried to create not just basic FPS gameplay but add some puzzle elements as well.

My tasks:
  • Core development and AI pathfinding.
  • Level design.
  • Use preexisting 3d models and animations.

︎Developed with Unity3D


Play as an Alpaca and fights against other camelids from around the world to win hats and new powers! Artillery game and 2D military strategy reminiscent of the classic Worms.

My first attempt to create a whole project in Unity3D.

My tasks:
  • Core development and basic AI for the enemies
  • Equipment options
  • Development of all the sprites in Adobe Photoshop.

︎Developed with Unity3D

Other projects

I have developed some interesting projects for the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

W8 (iOS)

This application is able to interact with a scale via Bluetooth and stores each users respective weight. This data can be sent for further analysis. The goal for this app is allowing medical staff a deeper range of control and optimal health management of sport team players.

Ivol (Android)

Ivol wearable sensor is a medical device developed on mobile platform, which provides the patient with congestive heart failure (CHF), warning of fluid accumulation in the lower extremities.


The WOMEN-UP project is a European consortium of experts committed to an innovative breakthrough in the management and treatment of female urinary incontinence (UI). The project encompasses a variety of advanced, innovative mobile technologies to approach UI empowering women through self-management, vaginal devices, Android software and a web platform for both therapists and patients.

As a UPC team member, I had these responsabilities:
  • Project management and coordination.
  • Web platform design.   
  • Technical feature development (web platform development, game communication, ...).
  • Clinical partner support during the Randomized Controlled Trial.