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Other projects

I have developed some interesting projects for the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

W8 (iOS)

This application is able to interact with a scale via Bluetooth and stores each users respective weight. This data can be sent for further analysis. The goal for this app is allowing medical staff a deeper range of control and optimal health management of sport team players.

Ivol (Android)

Ivol wearable sensor is a medical device developed on mobile platform, which provides the patient with congestive heart failure (CHF), warning of fluid accumulation in the lower extremities.


The WOMEN-UP project is a European consortium of experts committed to an innovative breakthrough in the management and treatment of female urinary incontinence (UI). The project encompasses a variety of advanced, innovative mobile technologies to approach UI empowering women through self-management, vaginal devices, Android software and a web platform for both therapists and patients.

As a UPC team member, I had these responsabilities:
  • Project management and coordination.
  • Web platform design.   
  • Technical feature development (web platform development, game communication, ...).
  • Clinical partner support during the Randomized Controlled Trial.